Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ardell Fashion Lashes

Ardell Lashe's from Boots in Enchanting

These lashes are very flexable easy to apply and comfortable to wear


With all my lashes I use the QVS eyelash applicator

 Divine Rebel wearing Ardell Lashes

Friday, 24 February 2012

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Let me eat cake!!

What could be more glorious than a cup of tea and a cupcake! Out goes the diet but what the hey!
With a selection of flavours and themes Lady Berry Cup Cakes has the treat for you!

My personal favourite has to be Classic Chocolate & Berries and if you’re local they can deliver (along with a small fee).

These are just too easy to eat!
Their facebook page is also very moorish, and after looking and reading about all the gorgeous varieties, you will definitely want to try these wonderful cakes!

The Penthouse bakery where Lady Berry cakes is based is in SW London, they are very fairly priced and are always keen to make new flavours, take a look at their Facebook page and have a think of what tastes you would like to see mingled with a cupcake!


Friday, 23 September 2011

Skincare routine of a thirty-something

6 weeks ago I decided that my skincare routine needed a complete overhaul, my skin had become a nightmare! Overnight it seemed I had developed dry skin, wrinkles both of which were also complemented with a crop of spots. Great!
   My once simple regime of cheap face wipes and coco butter was coming to an end, I decided to approach a worker in boots who kindly offered some samples of Avene.  Full sized bottles of cleansers and creams were purchased and used but still no change. I was now getting a little bit desperate, not only was my makeup taking longer to apply but my skin was feeling uncomfortable too.
  While browsing my copy of the Avon catalogue I noticed they were offering a skincare starter kit of their Anew range. This contained a facial wash, a small pot of each day and night cream along with a full size pot of the eye cream.
Anew Rejuvenate Skin Revitalising 14 Day Regime System

After the two weeks my skin was now spot free, glowing and wrinkles had diminished!! Joy!!!!!
I do still from time to time have the odd spot and if I get a bit lazy with my routine (not taking off my makeup of a night) my skin can feel a little off, but I know that's my fault not the product.
Overall I enjoy using these products, it has also restored my faith in Avon too, I will be trying more of the Anew range!